Dickson County elementary student accused of making ‘kill list’

Dickson County elementary student accused of making 'kill list' (Image 1)

A student at Stuart-Burns Elementary School in Dickson County is accused of writing a “kill list,” a piece of paper with the names of students he wanted to kill.

News 2 spoke with a grandmother of two students who attend the school. She said she heard about the incident Wednesday through a recorded message from the Dickson County School District, even though the incident allegedly happened the week before.

“I think they handled it very badly. I think that the parents should have been notified immediately,” she said.

Steve Sorrells, Director of Student Services, said the school district conducted an investigation as soon as the incident was brought to his attention.

However, Burns Police Chief Paul McCallister said school district officials never notified him about the threat.

He said he would’ve liked to be informed.

“Based on the investigation of this particular case, we followed the safety protocol that we have in place,” explained Sorrells.

He went on to say that the student no longer attends Stuart-Burns Elementary School.

A school board meeting is planned for Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Dickson County Board of Education Central Office.

School district officials said the recent incident is not on the agenda but they will be answering questions.

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