Stratford STEM Magnet High School to get $20M renovation

Stratford STEM Magnet High School to get $20M renovation (Image 1)

The future of one local high school is looking brighter than ever. School officials announced plans for a multi-million dollar renovation for Stratford STEM Magnet High School Wednesday.

The school it is set to undergo a complete renovation and upgrade of the entire facility.

“In short, the school will be designed for student success,” Stratford STEM Magnet High School principal Michael Steele announced at the press conference.

The $20.1 million project will feature innovative architecture designed specifically to serve Stratford’s science technology engineering and math focus.

Freshmen Jack Utley is looking forward to the new classrooms and collaborative spaces.

“A lot of what we do has to do with technology, so technology plays a vital part of what we do as far as classwork. So, I think it will help that out a lot,” Utley told News 2.

The principal said the upgrades will continue the school’s recent path of progression.

“In the last four years we have turned this school around. We’ve created an environment where children fell warmed, warmed and loved and our progress has been upward. Our ACT scores have gone up, our academics have gone up. This year we have been awarded so many things it’s hard to count. It’s been a fantastic year for our students and our staff.”

The renovations also include a bigger band room, a new kitchen and a newly expanded library with an outdoor reading deck.

Crews have already started cleaning for construction, which is set to begin later this month.

It will be executed in five phases to allow students to continue using the building.

Crews plan to complete the last phase of renovations by December of next year.

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