Auburntown man captures fiery car crash on cell phone

Auburntown man captures fiery car crash on cell phone (Image 1)

An Auburntown resident captured a fiery car crash on his cell phone.

It happened Tuesday across the street from John Powell’s mother’s house. When he saw what happened, Powell tried to help the driver.

“I got down there as quickly as I could. He was already in the highway trying to stop traffic,” he told News 2.

The driver made it out safely, but the car was fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. The nearest volunteer fire department is 13 miles away.

Police are still investigating the crash.

The accident happened near the same spot where a school bus full of children also caught fire two weeks ago.

“It raises the hair on your neck. It makes you move fast. When you hear a child scream you just move, you go to them,” said Powell.

He thinks there is a larger problem in the area. The speed limit is 55 miles per hour, but the family said motorists drive much faster.

Powell’s father, Homer, expressed his concerns to the Tennessee Highway Patrol this week.

He wants officials to step up their efforts in the area.

“Their response was, ‘We are short-handed and we can’t take care of everything that’s required,'” Homer Powell stated.

In both instances, everyone survived, but the Howell family fears there may be a different outcome next time.

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