Traffic stop leads to big marijuana bust in Williamson County

Traffic stop leads to big marijuana bust in Williamson County (Image 1)

A 20-year-old west Tennessee woman was arrested in Williamson County after officers allegedly found bricks of marijuana inside her vehicle.

Anna Lee, of Huntingdon, was pulled over on Highway 96 in Franklin Sunday night because her registration was out of date.

The deputy reportedly knew something was wrong the moment the driver rolled down the window.

The incident was captured on the camera on the dashboard of Deputy Frank Magana’s vehicle.

Deputy: Where’s it at?

Lee: I’m sorry?

Deputy: Where’s the marijuana?

Within minutes, Deputy Magana has Lee and her two young cousins out of the vehicle. Her cousins are 13 and 16 years old.

He asked Lee when she last smoked inside the car and she allegedly admitted it had only been an hour and a half.

During a search of vehicle, Deputy Magana located a large duffel bag in the trunk of the car with more than a dozen bricks of marijuana.

It weighed 15 pounds and was valued at just under $15,000.

Investigators told Nashville’s News 2 they believe that Lee was coming from west Tennessee to Williamson County as a currier.

She was charged with distribution and reckless endangerment.

Her teen cousins were released to the custody of their parents.

Lee remains jailed on $85,000 bond.

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