Survey sent to Williamson County parents didn’t come from district

Survey sent to Williamson County parents didn't come from district (Image 1)

Williamson County Schools is telling its parents it is not conducting a survey after several concerned parents reached out to the district Monday after receiving a survey via email.
The survey, which the district calls “political in nature,” was emailed to an unknown number of parents.

It asked 11 questions about issues such as zoning and Common Core, topics that have recently been at the center of debate in the district.

School officials learned of the survey after approximately 30 parents called to complain.

Tuesday, they contacted parents to let them know the survey did not come from Williamson County Schools.

The email was sent from Williamson County resident Debbie Deaver.  She identifies herself as a Williamson County Schools’ parent but is actually a former parent.

Neighbors told News 2 her children attended Williamson County schools but have since graduated.

Director of Schools Dr. Mike Looney told News 2 he is not sure how Deaver obtained the email addresses but believes she could have gotten them from the published PTO directory, an organization that acts independently from the school system.

He stressed the addresses did not come from Williamson County Schools.

Parents are reminded that all official email correspondence from Williamson County Schools will come from a email address.

There was a disclaimer at the bottom of the email that stated the survey is not sponsored by Williamson County Schools.

The disclaimer, however, is in fine print, and many parents who received the email said they didn’t see it.

News 2 reached out to Deaver for comment but our calls were not immediately returned.

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