Metro Council considers ‘Music City Brand’ bill

Metro Council considers 'Music City Brand' bill (Image 1)

The Metro Council is set to take up legislation that would only allow businesses that fit the “Music City Brand” in the heart of Lower Broadway.

This comes just three months after News 2 reported that a Walgreens was possibly coming to the area.

That Walgreens would be located at Broadway and Third Avenue South, which is just two blocks from popular entertainment sites like Bridgestone Arena and the Ryman.

Metro Council Member Erica Gilmore sponsored an ordinance that would restrict the kinds of businesses on parts of Broadway, Second Avenue and Printers Alley.

According to the ordinance, businesses would have to have a performance venue and most of a store’s products must fit the character of Music City.

When asked if the potential Walgreens inspired the ordinance Gilmore responded, “I don’t think it was the Walgreens, specifically. We want to make sure anything that comes down, if it’s a major retailer, that it incorporates some of the things that are unique to Nashville.”

Metro Councilman Charlie Tygard thinks differently.

“It’s my understanding that the Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Downtown Partnership, and some local merchants fear that the image of the prototypical Walgreens store does not fit the image that they are looking for downtown,” he said.

Tygard went on to say a Walgreens could be beneficial in the area.

Gilmore agreed but on certain conditions. “If they have a stage, if they sell merchandise that promotes the brand of Nashville,” she explained.

A Walgreens spokesman said he had no information about a Walgreens in the location.

Richard Jones, the real estate broker for the developer of the project, confirmed the plans to build a Walgreens at the corner of Broadway and Third Avenue South. He said if the legislation passes, he will fight it.

The ordinance is set for a second reading before the Metro Council on June 3.

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