Advocates say homeless camp highlights lingering Nashville problem

Advocates say homeless camp highlights lingering Nashville problem (Image 1)

Metro Police say there are “no immediate plans” to evict those at a homeless camp hidden in the trees along the banks of the Cumberland River.

Metro Police spokesman Don Aaron told News 2 it will stay that way “as long as they stay non-violent.”

There had been fears from homeless advocacy groups that police would evict the four members of the camp Friday.

Officers said they were called to the camp north of downtown near the I-265 bridge last month after reports that a woman had been punched and pulled to the ground.

Homeless advocates said police had given the camp members a month to find housing.

That month was up Friday, according to the homeless advocates.

Rev. Lindsey Krinks, who works as one of the advocates through the group called Open Table, said “what we asked from the police department was enough time to get everyone housed.”

She added, “We don’t have enough affordable, accessible housing in our city, which I think is the real crime here.”

Krinks said there are an estimated 6,000 homeless individuals scattered among 200 homeless camps across the city, but only about 1,500 shelter beds.

She said the woman involved in the incident a month ago was intoxicated and is receiving treatment.

Krinks went on to say that homeless advocates are meeting with police next week about the camp’s future.

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