New RendezWoof app connects Nashville dog lovers

New RendezWoof app connects Nashville dog lovers (Image 1)
New RendezWoof app connects Nashville dog lovers (Image 1)

For Nashville dog lovers who want to connect, there’s now an app just for you.

If you are looking for someone special or you just want to connect your dog with another four-legged friend, there’s RendezWoof.

The app is similar to, but for dog owners.  You can find someone you want to start a relationship with or just set up a play date for your dogs.

Creator Judson Aikens says the app serves two purposes; it connects dog owners with each other and it connects dog owners with nearby resources.

“There’s a map that’s powered by Yelp and it migrates all the dog friendly information around you so it’s parks, restaurants with patios, groomers, shelters, boarding, daycare, vets and I think it’s cool that people can sign onto the app and maybe find out about a place they didn’t know about otherwise,” Aikens told News 2.

The app launched in Nashville first and already has a couple hundred profiles.
“You can say on your profile if you are looking for friendship, puppy play dates; you can specify your interest,” Aikens explained. 

RendezWoof’s motto is “dog meet dog” and “owner meet owner.”

“It’s sort of like meet me, meet my dog, meet us,” Aikens continued, adding, “I really hope it kind of mirrors how you would meet in real life.”

The RendezWoof app is free and allows users to sign up through their Facebook page.

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