Nashville company donates bouncy chairs to classroom

Nashville company donates bouncy chairs to classroom (Image 1)

A Nashville company that builds standing desks has helped more than a dozen elementary students sit on rubber balls.

UpDesk donated $1,500 to three Metro schools that asked the community to help with certain projects.

Glen Enhanced Elementary School teacher Fran Dunaway posted to the funding Web site that she would like to offer her students bouncy ball chairs for the classroom. She asked for help supplying a class with 15 “fit balls, ” which cost about $80 each.

The fit balls are rubber gym-type balls that encourage students to have better posture and attention in the classroom.

“We wanted to incorporate being physically active but also incorporate learning,” said Dunaway. “Them being able to sit and bounce a little bit, you could tell how attentive they were.”

UpDesk searched for projects where it could help metro area schools and found Dunaway’s request.

“We searched online on and found three projects in the Nashville area that we wanted to give our donor dollars to,” said UpDesk Vice-President David McCall.

The company donated the remaining $1,400 to outfit Dunaway’s classroom with the fit balls and also donated $507 to a writing to read program. Overall, UpDesk gave to three schools: Glen Enhanced Elementary, Tom Joy Elementary and Haywood Elementary.

Dunaway told News 2 that with UpDesk’s donation she will have 15 fit ball chairs at the beginning of next year.

“I was just so amazed and so grateful because we are a low income school,”  Dunaway explained. “And our children don’t get access to equipment like this.”

Dunaway hopes to have two chairless classrooms in two years.

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