Ex-air marshal won’t serve jail time for taking pictures up woman’s skirt

Ex-air marshal won't serve jail time for taking pictures up woman's skirt (Image 1)

A federal air marshal fired after he was caught taking pictures up a woman’s skirt at Nashville International Airport will not serve time in jail as long as he stays out of trouble.

Police arrested Adam Bartsch, 29, for disorderly conduct in October.

He was on duty aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Nashville’s International Airport to Tampa.

Ray Collazo of Smyrna was also on the flight and caught Bartsch snapping the pictures with his cell phone.

“I asked him if I could sit next to him,” he said. “He said sure wait a minute. Then he retrieved the phone from the side after snapping a picture under a lady that was in front of me.”

Collazo took his seat and then told his brother who was also on the flight to watch Bartsch.

“He did it three more times. I got upset and said that is wrong to be taking pictures under these women’s dresses,” Collazo said. “He said he knows.”

Collazo continued, “I said I am going to take your phone and turn it in because it bothered me. I have a daughter and I have granddaughters.”

After a short struggle, Collazo tackled Bartsch and notified the flight attendant who then called the police.

Bartsch admitted to the incident at the Nashville airport. He told police he had taken similar photos more than a dozen times in the past.

“Everybody makes mistakes and Mr. Bartsch is very remorseful for what has happened,” defense attorney David Rydings said. “He started some counseling immediately after the arrest and his family has stuck by him.”

The District Attorney’s office upgraded the charge against him from disorderly conduct, a class C Misdemeanor, to unlawful photography, a class A Misdemeanor.

He pleaded no contest Thursday morning and received a suspended sentence of 11 months and 29 days. He must also pay $300 in court costs.

According to the District Attorney’s office,  Bartsch qualified for a deferred judgment because he does not have a prior criminal history.

The office told News 2 that is a typical sentence for the class of crime he was convicted of and his prior history.

As long as Bartsch, who lives in Maryland, stays out of trouble while he is on probation, the charges against him will be dropped and then he can have his arrest expunged.

“I am happy justice has been served and he got what he deserved for taking photographs under the ladies’ dresses,” Collazo said. “He lost his dignity, he lost his respect and he lost his job.”

Bartsch left court without commenting Thursday.

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