‘Nashville’ producers negotiating incentive package to keep filming in Music City

'Nashville' producers negotiating incentive package to keep filming in Music City (Image 1)

No telling what the season finale of the show “Nashville” will bring Wednesday, but there’s a real life drama playing out about program’s future.

For the second straight year, the show’s producers have been negotiating an incentive package with the state, Metro-Nashville government, and likely other entities to keep filming in the city that is the show’s namesake.

There have been reports that for the second straight year, production of the show might move elsewhere to get a better incentive deal.

There were reports last year that the show might move production to Los Angeles.

This year Austin, Texas has been mentioned along with Georgia.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean has long pointed out the value of the show in worldwide exposure and hundreds of local jobs.

“We could not begin to buy that with network commercials,” he has often said.  

Here are some numbers of what it’s taken to keep Nashville on location.

The incentive package was $14 million for 2012-13 with only state money as part of the deal.

For this year, the state cut back to $12.5 million, while Metro-Nashville government added $500,000 and the Nashville Visitors and Convention Bureau $250,000.  

The incentive script is different for the next season.

Fewer funds are available at the state level in a tighter than expected budget year, so it’s likely that Metro ups its part.

How much is the question.

There’s also the possibility that a new player like Ryman Hospitality, formerly Gaylord Entertainment, could add money in the production’s incentive package.

Ryman owns the Grand Ole Opry which is featured prominently on the show, but no one’s talking publicly yet about the numbers.

We may know in days, maybe weeks, say those close to the talks.

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