Nashville man writes book about infertility struggles

Nashville man writes book about infertility struggles (Image 1)

A Nashville man wrote a book detailing the struggles he and his wife had with infertility.

Stuart Burkhalter is the author of Catawampus: The Fertility Process from a Man’s Perspective.

The book covers the tens of thousands he and his wife Julie spent on infertility treatments. The book also talks about how difficult it was to verbalize the emotional toll infertility had on them.

“Maybe it’s just the natural reticence on the part of a man just to not really tell his friends that all this is going on,” Stuart explained.

The couple tried for two years to get pregnant, but had no luck. After their second failed In Vitro Fertilization treatment, they decided to try a new approach.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of the Burkhalters’ journey

They turned to a homeopathic specialist in California for help.

“A lot of things that at the time seemed silly to me, but I figured what harm did it do to make my body more healthy after going through fertility treatments and pumping so many medications and hormones into my body?”

One month later, Julie was pregnant with a baby girl.

The Burkhalters are not sure why they conceived when they did, but they think anxiety contributed to their inability to have a child. They are now expecting their second baby in the fall.

To learn more about Stuart Burkhalter’s book, click here.

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