Tweets remind people to #moveover

(Photo: WKRN)

#moveover, a hashtag started by Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Tracy Trott, is going viral across the country.

#moveover was started by Trott with a single photo of him holding a sign with the hashtag. Soon, firefighters, police officers, EMTs and highway patrol officers followed suit.

#moveover is Trott’s response to a weekend accident that claimed the life of Metro police officer Michael Petrina.  Petrina, 25, was killed while directing traffic immediately following an accident on Interstate 65 at Old Hickory Boulevard in Brentwood.

#moveover is intended to remind people the importance of moving over a lane when there is a car on the side of the road.

As of Tuesday afternoon, photos of people holding signs with the #moveover had been tweeted by first responders and support staff as far away as Vermont, Indiana, Ohio and Massachusetts.

In Manchester, every firefighter and officer on Tuesday’s day shift had tweeted a photo.

“We were noticing some tweets online about the campaign #moveover. Our safety and their safety is very important so we thought we’d help get the message out as well,” Manchester Fire Chief George DeShield told News 2, adding, “When we’re working, a lot of people will try to look and see what we’re doing, and while they’re looking at us, they’re not paying attention to what’s going on.”

Although #moveover wasn’t trending as of Tuesday afternoon, it had been tweeted hundreds of times with babies, children and police dogs.

Manchester assistant fire chief Adam Floied was one of the first to tweet it.

“We’ve reached out in the office, outside on the street, the school systems. We’ve had a lot of interactions today, in just a matter of a couple of hours,” he said. “It might save one person. It might save an ambulance driver, a police officer, a fireman or wrecker driver. If it can save someone’s life, it’s worth it.”

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