Detroit teacher fired after using broom to stop classroom fight

(Photo: WKRN)

A teacher who used a broom to break up a fight between students in her Detroit classroom is fighting back after she was fired due to the incident.

ABC-affiliate WXYZ-TV reports 30-year-old Tiffani Eaton has hired a lawyer to help get her job back.

“We don’t believe that the school district acted appropriately in making their decision,” said her attorney, Jeffrey Abood.

Eaten reported that when her students began fighting, she called for help twice, but the school-distributed walkie talkie wouldn’t work.

Her attorney added that Eaton’s classroom doesn’t have a door into the hallway, just to other classrooms, so it wasn’t easy to run for help.

“What she was doing was she was trying to stop a crime and stop people from getting injured, and in my opinion, she’s a Good Samritan,” Abood told WXYZ-TV.

He believes Eaton responded appropriately under the corporal punishment provision under the Michigan school code, which some think she violated.

“They are allowed to use reasonable force to be able to protect others. And in this case she had a whole classroom that she felt responsible for and that she had to protect,” Abood explained.

Eaten, a mother of two, was a teacher at Pershing High School for four years.

*WXYZ-TV contributed to this report.

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