Dogs seized in north Nashville raid to get behavioral assessments

Dogs seized in north Nashville raid to get behavioral assessments (Image 1)

Each of the nearly 30 dogs seized from a north Nashville dog raid will soon receive formal behavioral assessments.

Metro Animal Care and Control said Monday the their next step is to evaluate the dogs’ behavior.

The Animal Farm Foundation (AFF), an organization that focuses on securing equal treatment for pit bulls, will be traveling to Nashville to conduct the assessments.

The AFF was recommended to Metro Animal Care by the Humane Society of the United States, who has partnered with the organization on multiple dog seizures across the country.

“We are glad to have the expertise and experience that Animal Farm Foundation brings to this case.” said Rebecca Morris, spokesperson for Metro Animal Care and Control.

The dogs, mostly pit bulls and a few English bull dogs, were seized on April 22 in part of an investigation into an alleged dog fighting ring in north Nashville on Pewitt Road.

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene

Many of the 38 dogs had scars and open wounds at the time of their seizure. In addition to the animals, officials found treadmills and other items typically used to train dogs to fight, including syringes likely used to give the animals injections.

Two people have been charged in the on-going investigation.

Metro Animal Control said they will continue to house the dogs at an off-site location pending behavioral assessments and placement

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