91-year-old grandmother attends prom for 1st time

91-year-old grandmother attends prom for 1st time (Image 1)
91-year-old grandmother attends prom for 1st time (Image 1)

A 91-year-old grandmother in Pittsburgh attended a prom for the first time.

Edna Lamping was forbidden by her family to go to her prom when she was a teenager, so her grandchildren decided to give her a second chance to go to the dance.

“We were originally going to do a prom-style party. My mom said, ‘Why don’t we see if my alma mater will actually have them at their prom?'” said Kaitlin Dolak, the Lampings’ granddaughter.

Montour High School invited Lamping to attend the event with her husband of 67 years, Joe. They were treated as VIP guests and had a special table set up for them.

“I think I brought the best looking girl here,” Joe said about his wife.

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the prom

The couple shared the night’s first dance to a Frank Sinatra song. However, they were not as impressed with the high school students’ dancing style.

“They just stand in one place and shake it,” Edna stated.

Joe and Edna said they went dancing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday when they were young.

They will celebrate 68 years of marriage in June.

*ABC News and WTAE contributed to this story.

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