Man says Murfreesboro police dog bit him

Man says Murfreesboro police dog bit him (Image 1)
Man says Murfreesboro police dog bit him (Image 1)

A 19-year-old man says a Murfreesboro police dog bit him as he was walking home Thursday night.

Quintin Marable said he noticed the German Shepard following him on Bradyville Pike near Medford Campbell Boulevard.

“I wasn’t doing anything suspicious or nothing. I don’t know why it came after me,” he explained. “I was struggling, trying to put my key in and I saw the dog walk up and it went right here and just bit me, and I ran in the door. It could have been prevented if the dog was in his cage or if it was on a leash or someone was out watching it.”

Marable believes a K-9 named Diesel, who lives just a few homes away, is responsible. The dog has been with the Murfreesboro Police Department for five years.

“Their particular dog that they are training is supposed to serve and protect. It did not protect, it attacked,” Marable’s mother, Cherilyn, told News 2.

The father of Diesel’s owner said they have never had trouble with the dog before.

“It was a complete shock when the officer pulled up and said they complained about a dog bite from this dog,” said Leon Mansfield.

He said even though Diesel was outside his cage and was not wearing a leash Thursday night, it was on his porch the entire night and his son had him in his sight at all times.

Officials with the Murfreesboro Police Department told News 2 they were notified of a complaint of a K-9 biting a citizen.

An internal investigation was launched and is currently underway. They also stated that anytime a complaint of this nature is made an investigation is conducted into the allegation.

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