Survey finds fewer men drawn to Pinterest

Survey finds fewer men drawn to Pinterest (Image 1)

A new survey has found that the number of men using the social media site Pinterest has dropped below 10%.

Pinterest is a social media site where users post or “pin” items to online boards they have found on other sites.  

Popular boards and pins include hairstyles, recipes, nails, exercise and home decorating.

The survey found men only pin about 6% of items to Pinterest and the number of active users who are male has dropped to about 13%.

“Because it’s very visual,” said Dave Delaney, a social media consultant and author in Nashville. “I don’t know why specifically women flock to it more than men, because I don’t think it was marketed toward women, ” Delaney explained.

The social site did not push the content to be primarily of the interest of women, but female users began posting a majority of the items which, apparently, turned men off Pinterest.

“You see the people in your life using it, and they’re all women. So you’re naturally, if your not web savvy or even if you are, you automatically associate it with women,” said Delaney.

Perhaps part of Pinterest’s success with women users is its organization. Users “pin” items to specific board topics such as hair, arts and crafts, do it yourself projects and home improvement. Searching Pinterest for something specific will call up hundreds of photos and directions for those items.

Users can also browse pins of people whether they know them or not.

Delaney said men still visit Pinterest, but they are not sharing, or pinning items nearly as much as women.

“I think we want to share information certainly, but I think with visual sharing, I mean Instagram is more popular with women, and social media in general leans more toward women than men,” Delaney stated.

Pinterest is now valued at over $3 billion and will be the basis of a new television series airing on the FYI Network.

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