Madison teacher leaves for day without noticing sleeping student

Madison teacher leaves for day without noticing sleeping student (Image 1)

A Madison mother demands answers from the Metro school system after her son was left alone sleeping in his classroom during after school hours.

Brittany Carden said her 12-year-old son Javien was left alone in his Neelys Bend Middle School Tuesday after his teacher left school for the day without noticing he was still in class.

The family’s nightmare started when the child’s grandmother, who usually picked him up after school at a bus stop near his home, waited 45-minutes for Javien, who never showed up.

Carden said she called Metro police after she could not reach anyone at the middle school.

“I was definitely panicking,” said Carden.”They [police] searched the school’s property and they were unable to find my son at the school.”

After nearly two hours, Carden received a phone call from the school’s principle saying they located her son in his classroom.  Apparently, he had a stomach bug and fell asleep at his desk.

A spokesperson for Metro schools said the teacher apparently did not see Javien when she left school for the day.  The teacher now has a written reprimanded in her files.

Principal Philip Hammonds said the teacher made two attempts to wake-up the sleeping child, but unfortunately he could not stay awake. 

During dismissal, Hammond said the teacher escorted the children out of the classroom. 

When the teacher returned, she took her belongings and for whatever reason she did not notice Javien before she left for the day. 

Hammonds said he called Carden Thursday to apologize on behalf of the school and the teacher for the unfortunate mistake.  He also said the teacher plans to personally apologize to Javien as well

“We’re very sorry that it did happen and we’re doing everything we can to make sure that does not happened again,” said Hammonds.

A spokesperson for Metro schools told News 2 there is no written policy for a teacher to make sure their classroom is cleared of all their students prior to them leaving because it’s viewed as a central priority for a teacher to ensure the safety and security of their students.

Carden plans to attend the next school board meeting to discuss making it a written policy that all teachers throughout the district must clear their classrooms of their students before leaving for the day. 

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