Fraudulent NES worker targets Nashville salon

Fraudulent NES worker targets Nashville salon (Image 1)

Another Nashville business has been the target of a fraudulent call, saying they are with Nashville Electric Service. The call could have cost the business nearly a thousand dollars.

It was a normal busy day at Haute Salon & Spa when the call came in.

“It was a gentleman saying he was going to turn my power off by the end of the day and I knew it was probably a scam,” Krista Jones owner of Haute Salon & Spa tells Nashville’s News 2.
Jones said she knew she had paid her electric bill, but strangely the cost he told her was around her average monthly bill. She took down his name and what turned out to be a non-working number. Jones then gave NES a call.  

NES told Nashville’s News 2, “If you receive a phone call claiming that your electricity is about to be disconnected and a payment is needed, that is a scam. NES never calls or goes door-to-door to collect any payment information. It’s important to note that NES employees always carry proper identification and will never contact customers requesting personal information such as bank account numbers. Also, our field employees do not accept payments at all.”

Jones did track down another number on caller ID that came from Old Hickory, Tennessee so she gave him a call back.

“He said, ‘NES this is Michael.’ And I just let him know that I was going to say a prayer for him that he would find a conscious and find an honest way to make a living instead of ripping people off,” she explained.  

News 2 put in a call ourselves to Michael. First, we received his voicemail that says he is with NES. We didn’t leave a message, but he still returned our call using a different name.

“Hi, my name is James with NES retuning a call,” he said.  

He responded saying he is among many agents that could help us and that we needed to buy a prepaid card to make a payment.

When we informed him that we were at NES and we could just meet, he hung up.

The latest incidient wasn’t the first time Haute Salon had been targeted.

“It’s just unfortunate that we’ve gotten to the point where people are trying to scam other people to make a dollar,” said Jones.  

She added that she hopes by sharing her story, no one else will become a victim.

NES told us they do put out alerts if they see a spike in calls about a possible scam.

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