Vanderbilt asks students to refrain from taking selfies during graduation

Vanderbilt asks students to refrain from taking selfies during graduation (Image 1)

Much like the University of South Florida, Vanderbilt University has requested that all seniors refrain from taking selfies while on stage getting their diploma Friday.

A spokesman for Vanderbilt could not say how the school notified seniors, only that they have made the request. She also wouldn’t say why the school made the request.

Rebecca Young, who’ll graduate Friday, told News 2 she understands the decision, and thinks it’s a good one.

“First, there’s a time constraint. It [commencement] has to be done in an orderly manner,” she said. “Pausing to take a picture, I think it’s more formal than that.”

Senior Ian Bellah, however disagrees with the request..

“I think it’s pretty normal in this day and age. Sending a Snapchat to their family and friends, I think it’s normal at this time,” he said.

Professor of Psychology at Lipscomb University Dr, Jake Morris told News 2, the decision to steer clear of selfies may be to keep graduation ceremonies an honorable time.

“I think it’s because of the pomp and circumstance and honoring the experience,” he said, adding, “Doing that, taking selfies isn’t honoring the ceremony.”

Lipscomb asked seniors to be respectful of other graduates and asked those in attendance to refrain from applauding until all of the students’ names were called.

The University of South Florida banned selfies on the stage and told students those who do take the photos will not receive their diploma during the program.

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