Nashville mom, son get braces after appearing on ‘The Doctors’

Nashville mom, son get braces after appearing on 'The Doctors' (Image 1)

An Old Hickory family was featured on Thursday’s episode of ABC’s “The Doctors.”

The television show arranged for free orthodontic care by Dr. Ruth Ross Edmonds for Jacqueline Cabezas, a local teacher, and her 13-year-old son Julian.

“About three years I’ve been asking my parents for [braces],” Julian said.

Dr. Ruth said as soon as she saw the teen and his mother she knew she could help improve their smiles.

“We saw that the young man, her son Julian, could benefit from braces and we looked at mom and we said mom could really benefit from braces,” she explained.

On Thursday, both Julian and his mother began the process of getting their braces put on.

“Today, they’re actually getting their appliances.  They’re getting their top braces and top wires today,” explained Dr. Ruth.

Jacqueline’s braces require her to use a new device called AcceleDent, which helps move teeth faster.

“It vibrates the teeth and it’s just a very slight vibration,” explained Dr. Ruth. “It stimulates the remodeling of the bone and helps teeth move faster and the bone remodel faster.”

Jacqueline is expected to be in her braces for just over two years and it’s a process she looks forward to.

“I noticed in pictures I don’t smile a lot, so I think being in front of my classes, just in everyday life, it will be different to be able to smile and actually show what I’m feeling with my face,” she said.

The family moved to the Nashville-area following Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Jacqueline Cabezas teaches Spanish at Donelson Christian Academy.

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