Florida student gets college degree before finishing high school

Florida student gets college degree before finishing high school (Image 1)

A high school Florida senior has earned her college degree before graduating from high school.

Grace Bush, 16, graduated with a 3.86 college GPA and received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, reported ABC News.

She is set to graduate from high school Friday.

While being home schooled, Grace attended Florida Atlantic University High School, where students can pursue a full-time college degree while completing high school credits.

“It makes you realize regardless of age, if you’ve got the abilities you should be allowed to accomplish your full potential,” FAU President John Kelly said.

Grace’s oldest sister, 19-year-old Gisla, also graduated from the dual program at FAU and is working on a master’s degree in urban planning. Sister Gabrielle, 17, will graduate this summer.

Their mother, who has nine children, said this has become the norm for the family.

“The oldest children set the pace and everybody is following my oldest child. Everybody is eager to do what they have done,” 49-year-old Gisla Bush said.

When Grace was 11, she told her mother she wanted to be a peacemaker. She later spent five years in the teen court system as a juror, where she made recommendations for at-risk youth to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Now that her high school graduation is approaching, Grace said she is excited for the next step.

“I’m very relieved that I have it all done behind me and I’m looking forward to my future and what I can do now,” Grace explained.

The teen will continue her education at FAU while she works toward a master’s degree in public administration. She will also be simultaneously studying for her LSAT.
Her ultimate goal is to be a Supreme Court Justice.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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