Dogs rescued from Nashville fighting ring continue to recover

Dogs rescued from Nashville fighting ring continue to recover (Image 1)

It’s been just over two weeks since more than three dozen dogs were taken from a property in north Nashville, believed to be part of a dog fighting ring.

The dogs are now under 24-7 care of Metro Health officials.

For the safety of the animals and for the investigation, they are keeping the dogs at an offsite location. During the raid, Metro Health officials said the dogs were fearful once they were unchained, so much so, many had to be carried. 

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene

Brian Todd with the Metro Health Department told News 2 the rescued dogs are being seen regularly by a veterinarian and are getting one-of-a-kind care.

“They are experiencing things that they have never experienced before, for instance sleeping on a bed, playing with toys, being fed regularly, so they are really in good care.”

Todd also said that Wednesday is the last day of paid administrative leave for two employees with animal control, regarding the case.

Both Billy Biggs and J.D. White will return to full duty Thursday.

There had been two previous complaints of dog fighting on that same street, but there wasn’t any documentation from animal control.

Health officials requested for Metro Internal Audit to investigate animal care and control’s response to all dog fighting complaints in Davidson County, to see if it was just an isolated case.

The health department is now awaiting internal audit’s findings.

Meantime, the criminal investigation is still ongoing.

The dog’s owner, Michael Davis, faces animal cruelty and dog fighting charges.

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