Sumner County teacher encourages students to fight

Sumner County teacher encourages students to fight (Image 1)

A Sumner County teacher accused of directing a third grade student to punch a second grader in the face has resigned from her position.

Rebecca Cassel was initially suspended for her alleged actions.

The mother of the second grade victim, Brandie Dobson, previously told Nashville’s News 2 she wanted Cassel arrested or fired for her actions.

“He was scared to go back to school, but I told him it is fine,” Dobson said. “They shouldn’t have to go through that.”

Dobson said the violent act stemmed from an incident involving the two elementary school students that occurred on the school bus Friday.

Following the altercation on the bus, Cassel is said to have brought the two students into the same room where she then allowed the third grader to punch the younger student in the face.

“He had to go back to his class, bawling, crying, red-faced [and] humiliated,” Dobson said. “There’s two teachers in the classroom. Someone could have notified me or the other teacher could have stopped it.”

Officials with Sumner County Schools said Cassel has been a teacher since 2008 and released a statement which read in part, “We intend to thoroughly investigate this matter to fully determine if this incident occurred and the circumstances surrounding it. If these allegations are indeed proven true by our investigation, our Director of Schools will take appropriate corrective action, as we will not tolerate this type of conduct within our school system.”

News 2 was unable to reach Cassel for comment regarding the incident, however, on a children’s literacy Web site she was described as quiet, kind, gentle and nurturing.

Police investigated the incident and brought it before the district attorney, though News 2 has learned since Cassel was forthcoming in the investigation it is not currently being considered a criminal matter at this point.

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