Belongings blown away in Lincoln County tornado returned

Belongings blown away in Lincoln County tornado returned (Image 1)

More than a dozen items blown away from homes during the Lincoln County tornado will make their way back to the original owners.

The items were found miles away the day after April 28 storm.

“Some of the items on the table are from Limestone County, [Alabama],” said Coffee County EMA Director Allen Lendley. “It’ll be interesting to see if those were picked up by a tornado previous to the one that hit Lincoln County and may have rode two different tornadoes.”

The items began falling from the sky almost immediately after the storm passed through southern middle Tennessee.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of tornado damage

Photos of children, scrapbook pages, canceled checks and letters have been turned in to the Coffee County event center in Tullahoma.

The National Weather Service has asked Lendley to help gather the items and take notations of where they were found so that meteorologists can better study the storm and how they carry debris.

The items have been researched and in many cases discovered where the photos came from and who they belong to.

On Wednesday, the photos were gathered by the Coffee County EMA director who is taking the photos back to Lincoln County to give to the sheriff so the items can be returned to their rightful owners.

“All of us have those treasured memories and photographs and things, so I think it’s really important in the healing process,” said Lendley.

Anyone who finds what may be tornado debris is urged to contact the National Weather Service.

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