Bus driver shortage leaves students stranded in Robertson County

(Photo: WKRN)

Students in Robertson County continue to be picked up late and dropped off late because of an ongoing shortage of school bus drivers.

On Friday, students at Greenbrier Elementary were stuck at school because a bus driver quit and another driver had to be found to drive the route.

It took two hours for students to leave the school, according to parents.

The delay also impacted students at Greenbrier Middle School who are also transported on the bus that was left without a driver.

The same bus route was a source of concern for parents who said their children were being picked up late in the morning and dropped off late in the evening.

A spokesman for the school district told News 2, two school bus drivers quit on Friday now making the district four bus drivers short to cover all of the required routes.

Bus drivers are already driving two routes to cover for the missing drivers.

Parents told News 2 the ongoing transportation issues are impacting them as well.

“I usually leave to go to work when the kids get on the bus,” parent Kelly Reed said. “When the bus does not come on time I am therefore late to work, so that’s frustrating.”

Reed has a child at the Greenbrier Elementary and at Greenbrier Middle School. She said she is also frustrated by how long it takes for parents to be notified about issues with the bus route.

“Kids in the middle school aren’t notified arenahe same time as kids in the elementary school there is a time delay there,” she said.

Robertson County schools told News 2 they need bus drivers and are continuously recruiting drivers.

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