2014 voter turnout expected to be higher than 2010

2014 voter turnout expected to be higher than 2010 (Image 1)

As a lot Middle Tennesseans are being reminded of local elections Tuesday, turnout is expected to be almost double than what it was for the May election of 2010.

Case in point is Davidson County where 23,136 people cast ballots four years ago.

Turnout Tuesday is estimated in the 40,000 range with more than 13,000 of that figure from early voting.

That 40,000 figure represents close to 13-14% of eligible voters in Davidson County.

A 10% estimate is expected in suburban Sumner County, where just over
5,000 early voted.

Officials there say the number of Election Day voters is roughly the same as early voters.

Davidson County says $810,000 was budgeted for Tuesday’s election, including early voting.

That’s about $20.25 dollars per voter, if the 40,000 estimate holds. 

Sumner County estimates it will cost $80,000 for its election and early voting.

One of the key races in the area to watch in the area is the Davidson County District Attorney contest where three contenders vie to replace retiring Torry Johnson who has held the position for more than a quarter century.

Another is the Rutherford County Sheriff’s primary where incumbent Robert Arnold faces a primary challenge.

For complete election coverage, click here.

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