2 women find Lincoln County tornado debris in Manchester

2 women find Lincoln County tornado debris in Manchester (Image 1)

Two Coffee County women say they found debris from last week’s tornadoes in Lincoln County.

The women discovered the debris while walking a golf course trail in Manchester, some 65 miles away from where the deadly tornado occurred.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of tornado damage

Many other photos and documents have been found scattered across southern Middle Tennessee. The Coffee County Emergency Management Agency is compiling a list of debris that have been turned in.

So far people have reported finding:

  • Canceled checks from Limestone County, Alabama and
    another from Lincoln County.
  • A photo of a young child in an old metal trough with a water pump,
    found in Moore County, near the Flat Creek community.
  • 8×10 photo of South Lincoln Elementary school class photo that was
    found in Warren County
  • Insulation believed to be from South Lincoln Elementary found in
    northern Tullahoma
  • Several pieces of debris found in a yard in Lynchburg

The Tullahoma Events Center is collecting items and will be returning the belongings to authorities in Lincoln County or Limestone County, Alabama, hoping the items can be returned to the owners.

You can contact the Coffee County EMAHS for more information, and see photos that have been recovered. All recovered photos are being posted to the emergency management agency’s Facebook page.

The National Weather Service is also asking people who find debris to contact them so they can better track the pattern of the storm.

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