East Nashville man gives stranger in need $500

East Nashville man gives stranger in need $500 (Image 1)

An east Nashville man chosen for News 2’s 60 Minute Miracle gave a stranger in need hundreds of dollars.

The concept of the 60 Minute Miracle is simple. A person is chosen at random and given $500 to help change someone else’s life.

William Hardin was chosen this week.

“There’s a whole lot of people in need though. I’m in need myself, but I look around and some people are in worse shape. Waking up this morning, that’s a million dollar lottery there, just being alive.”

Hardin’s positive attitude made his choice easy. He has seen need, and it is usually just a short walk away. Friday, he decided to help Danny Hall, who he saw coming up the street.

Hall carries almost everything he owns and has seen hard times living on Nashville’s streets. He was overwhelmed by the gift.

“This is really going to help. Yes, yes, yes,” he said.

Hardin said he was glad to help. “You never know the situation he’s been going through. He could have been sick. People could have lost their home, their jobs, you never know what the outcome of their life is. The main thing is help somebody else and I’ll get blessed too. That’s all that counts,” Hardin explained.

Professionals who have worked with Hall told News 2 they are going to help him use his unexpected gift in a safe way that will best benefit his situation.

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