Bishop stops at Nashville hospital for sick girl’s confirmation

Bishop stops at Nashville hospital for sick girl's confirmation (Image 1)
Bishop stops at Nashville hospital for sick girl's confirmation (Image 1)

A Mt. Juliet pre-teen battling an inoperable brain tumor continues to inspire others with her faith, despite being at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital.

Bishop Mikaelian is currently hospitalized with pneumonia, an illness the 12-year-old has overcome more than 60 times since she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009.

Prior to her hospitalization, Bishop and her family, who attend St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, had been preparing for her confirmation.

Confirmation is a sacrament young people take as they grow in the church.

Since Bishop was unable to attend the service at the cathedral Thursday night, Bishop David Choby stopped by the hospital to perform her confirmation bedside.

SLIDESHOW: Photos of the confirmation

“To prepare for a confirmation is an important moment in the life of our Catholic students, “Bishop Choby said. “She’ll miss being with her classmates, but I’m glad that we could be together.”

Despite not getting to celebrate her confirmation with friends, Bishop’s mother said she is honored Bishop Choby stopped by the hospital.

“I’m just so excited for Bishop right now. For Bishop, it’s just an honor that Bishop Choby was able to come and see her today. It’s been just emotionally draining the last few days with her in the hospital. It’s just been an honor,” Allison Bezou said.

Bishop must remain hospitalized until her oxygen levels return to a healthy rate.

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