911 calls made during Lincoln County tornado released

911 calls made during Lincoln County tornado released (Image 1)
911 calls made during Lincoln County tornado released (Image 1)

The alarming 911 calls made as an EF-3 tornado touched down in Lincoln County have been released.

Emergency crews were bombarded with calls Monday night of downed power lines, trapped people and destroyed homes.

“We need help right now. Just get me help, get me help.”
“There are houses down, power lines down. It’s a mess out here.”
“Our neighborhood is gone; there ain’t nobody here but three people.”

Response teams said the affected area in Lincoln County is five miles long and two miles wide. Some 35 homes were damaged or destroyed and many businesses in the area were affected. 

SLIDESHOW: Photos of tornado damage

Several residents found themselves trapped after the storm.

“My daughter is trapped, her and two others. There are power lines all over,” stated one 911 caller.
“My parents’ home is destroyed, my parents can’t get out,” another person reported to emergency workers.

Two people died in the destruction and a half dozen were injured.

According to the Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency, victims of Monday’s tornado are in need of several items including cleaning supplies, rakes, shovels, trash bags, flashlights and batteries. They could also use mops, brooms and buckets.

These items can be delivered to the Woody Anderson Ford Dealership on 2226 Huntsville Highway in Fayetteville. Monetary donations can be made at all branches of the Bank of Lincoln County.

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