Dogs found covered in blue glue up for adoption

dogs covered in blue glue

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Two small dogs that were found covered in blue glue inside an abandoned home will be placed up for adoption Thursday.

The dogs, now named Maria and Gracie, were discovered in late January by the landlord of the home located on 10th Avenue North.

Investigators previously said the dogs had been painted all over with the glue, which had hardened, and they’d been left for dead.

After remaining in the care of Metro Animal Control and a foster family, officials say the two Chihuahuas are happy, healthy and in good spirits.

blue dogs
The dogs were found at abandoned home in Nashville.

“They are just the sweetest little dogs you would ever want. I will miss them, we will miss them,” foster caregiver Karen Christian told News 2.

Over the past three months, Christian said the dogs’ recovery is quite remarkable.

“I think the dogs removed a lot of the glue themselves by scratching or chewing it off, but the only way you could, we could get it off, is if you had scissors and just cut the hair underneath. It was hard as a rock, you couldn’t cut through it,” she recalled.

Delores Carter, with Crossroads Pets, said the organization will begin accepting adoption applications for the two small canines beginning Thursday.

“They are just normal dogs now. The residual effects of the trauma are finished. They interact with people, they enjoy car rides, so they aren’t the traumatized little dogs that we saw a month ago,” Carter explained.

Carter says they are searching for a person or a family that sees Maria and Gracie as companions.

Anyone interested in adopting the dogs can fill out an application at Crossroads Pets.

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