Dog fighting raid brings calls from owners of lost dogs

Dog fighting raid brings calls from owners of lost dogs (Image 1)

The Metro Health Department says it’s getting calls from people who may have seen their lost pets last week in pictures from an alleged dog fighting raid.

“I hope to get my dog back, and I hope the other dogs find good homes as well,” Ty Patrick told News 2 Tuesday.

His dog Honey has been missing since March 24 when she did not come back to his south Nashville home after suddenly darting into the neighborhood.

Patrick said someone emailed him a link from a News 2 story after he had posted his missing dog’s information on Craiglist.

“It was like less than a minute into it and I saw the police officer carrying a dog that looked exactly like mine,” Patrick said Tuesday. “It was very difficult to watch.”

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene

Brian Todd of the Metro Health Department encourages people like Patrick to check with his agency.

“If you feel like this is your dog that you saw on the news, we want you to contact us,” said Todd.

He said 28 dogs are still being cared for by the Metro Animal Control, and at a second undisclosed location.

Both places Todd said are under the supervision of vets.

“Right now they are being held as evidence, and because of that, we are not allowing people to come look at them,” added the health department spokesperson. “But the dogs are in a much better place now, than they were a week ago.”

Todd said people can help identify the dogs by bringing in pictures, vet records and microchips that may have been placed to keep track of the animals.

The spokesperson could not give a timetable on when any of animals would be returned to dog owners if they are identified.

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