Berry Hill police bust 6 businesses selling alcohol to minors

Berry Hill police bust 6 businesses selling alcohol to minors (Image 1)

During a joint operation between Berry Hill and Metro Nashville police Friday, six businesses were cited for selling alcohol to an underage decoy.

“The residential population for the City of Berry Hill is growing rapidly and we don’t want this type of activity to grow with it,” Berry Hill police Chief Robert Bennett told News 2. “We will continue to do these operations periodically.”

Two new residential developments are being built in Berry Hill, which will result in the addition of over 1,700 new apartment units.

During the operation Friday afternoon, the underage decoy went into businesses and attempted to buy alcohol.

The decoy must show his real identification and be truthful about their age.

Hidden cameras worn by the decoy and another person working with police capture the transaction from beginning to end.

If the clerk sells alcohol to the minor, the clerk is cited. In some instances, the clerk is arrested.

The business must then go before the Berry Hill Beer Permit Board where they can be fined or lose their permit to sell alcohol within the city limits.

“We will be watching closely,” Chief Bennett said. “We are not going to tolerate sales to underage individuals.”

News 2 is not identifying the decoy to protect future operations, but he is 20 years old and started doing the beer buys in November.

“If they make that decision to sell to me that is their problem, not mine,” he said. “When they don’t even choose to look at my ID it bothers me.”

He continued. ”I may look older, but I know for a fact I’m not and all it takes is them asking me.”

The operation checked 11 Berry Hill businesses. Six of them sold to the decoy.

Similar operations in Nashville have led to thousands of dollars in fines to businesses and even the padlocking of businesses found to be habitual offenders.

Metro police Chief Steve Anderson said his department will continue to work with the Davidson County district attorney general’s office to shut down businesses that are a public nuisance.

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