Fans gather to remember George Jones 1 year after his passing

Fans gather to remember George Jones 1 year after his passing (Image 1)

Saturday marked one year since the world said goodbye to one of country music’s greatest artists.

Dozens of George Jones fans from across the world gathered at Woodlawn Cemetery to celebrate with his widow, Nancy Jones. They were not only honoring the singer’s legacy, but they were also making sure his memory lives on.

“I’m just honored to see how many fans are here today, and I love each and every one of them,” Nancy told News 2.

It has been one year since the widow lost her loved one at the age of 81.

“It’s time to celebrate because we all know George is in heaven, and that’s what he worked really hard for after the bad days were gone.”

During Saturday’s celebration at the legend’s grave site, Larry Gatlin spoke and then Nancy and other family members planted two Dogwood trees.

Nancy said the white blossoming trees always brought a smile to George’s face.

“That was his favorite. Whenever a cold spell would come through and the Dogwoods would not bloom it was always sad for him. He always had this story that in the Bible there’s a Dogwood, and if you lift the leaf up there’s the blood under there. He was a very religious man,” Nancy explained.

Nancy said every day is still a struggle without her love, but she is determined to stay strong and carry out her late husband’s legacy.

Nancy also announced the George Jones Scholarship Fund at Middle Tennessee State University, which has become a living memorial to the late singer, has raised in excess of $171,000.

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