Mother, daughter honor deceased father with unexpected gift

Mother, daughter honor deceased father with unexpected gift (Image 1)

A mother and daughter honored a family member they lost in a special way after they received an unexpected gift from News 2.

The idea is simple. News 2 gives a total stranger $500. The recipient then has 60 minutes to improve someone’s life.

Natalie Nix was out with her mother when they were offered the gift. They quickly decided to give the money to a cause close to their heart.

“There’s a place called Agape here in Nashville. They take in children and they find Christian homes for them to belong to,” explained Natalie.

They chose the organization because her father, Mike Nix, who passed away three years ago. Natalie said he had a difficult childhood, so places like Agape were special to him.

“My dad, he grew up in like 13 different homes, you know, and that sort of thing. And he was in foster care and he could have really benefited from a place like Agape and so adoption is really close to our hearts,” Natalie told News 2.

The Nix family called Agape who then sent representatives over to receive the gift.

“Well, this is a blessing. I gotta tell you, I was just praying last night about some things regarding finances, and I get this phone call today. So that’s really special,” said Clint Brumet from Agape.

The organization will use the money to help families pay adoption fees.

To learn more about Agape, click here.

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