Will proposed teacher salary increases remain after mayor’s budget released?

Will proposed teacher salary increases remain after mayor's budget released? (Image 1)

One of the things to watch in Mayor Karl Dean’s upcoming Metro budget is how much money schools will receive and how it affects the school board request for two-percent salary increases.

The budget document is released moments after the mayor’s annual State of Metro address that is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

In budget hearings earlier this month, Metro Schools Director Jesse Register asked for a $32.5 million increase which would bring the overall school budget to just under $779 million.

Included in that increase, would be a two-percent raise for all Metro schools employees, including teachers.

Metro School Board Budget and Finance chair Will Pinkston said the salary raises are about $9.4 million of the total increase requested.

Of that figure, he says about $7.4 million would be for teaches and the remaining $2 million for school staff.

Nearly three million of the money for teachers would have come from Governor Bill Haslam’s proposal to help raise teacher salaries statewide by two-percent, but he decided to not go ahead with the plan because of budget constraints on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

So will Metro’s 5,000 plus teachers receive the two-percent raise?

Mayor Dean told News 2 Thursday “We will do our best to meet their needs. I don’t know we can give them all that they asked for.”

Pinkston told News 2, the entire school budget will likely get across the board cutbacks in the requested increase, if the mayor’s proposed budget does not reflect what schools want. 

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