Texas boy uses money saved for PS4 on smoke detectors for homes in need

Texas boy uses money saved for PS4 on smoke detectors for homes in need (Image 1)

A Texas boy who was saving money to buy himself a PlayStation 4 decided to give up his money in order to help his community.

KXAS-TV in Dallas reports Hector Montoya, 9, heard a story on the news about a mother and child who died in a house fire without a smoke detector.

Hector then decided to use his money elsewhere.

“I was going to buy a PlayStation, but I decided saving a life was more important because one life lost is too many,” he told the station.

The boy used his money to purchase around 100 smoke detectors to be donated to homes that needed them.

The Grand Prairie Fire Department and Hector then installed the detectors.

After two nearby teens heard what Hector did, they decided to not only contribute to his efforts but gift Hector with a new PS4.

Ashley and Peyton Harder went to the store with their mother that night to purchase the game console.

“To see a nine-year-old worrying about so many others, you can’t help but want to give him what he wants,” 19-year-old Ashton told KSAX-TV. “We thought that he deserved something special.”

The Harder family drove 45 minutes to Hector’s house the following day.

On top of giving him the PS4 he spent so long saving up for, they also donated another $150 for more smoke detectors to be installed in homes without one.

“It made me feel really good that I was helping him out with all of this and that we gave him extra money,” said 14-year-old Peyton.

Hector told the news station he was really excited.

He also plans to continue saving and donating money for more smoke detectors.

*KSAX-TV contributed to this report.

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