Mock crash in Mt. Juliet paints grim reality of drinking and driving

Mock crash in Mt. Juliet paints grim reality of drinking and driving (Image 1)

A mock crash at Mt. Juliet High School painted the grim reality of the devastation drinking and driving can cause Thursday morning.

Officials told News 2 the purpose of the reality-based portrayal was to demonstrate the serious consequences associated with driving under the influence before students head to prom Saturday night.

“With prom this weekend we have an opportunity to help students stay safe and be smart,” student Rachel Privott told Nashville’s News 2. 

During the simulated crash, emergency vehicles and a medical helicopter all responded to the scene, which was set up on Golden Bear Gateway in front of Mt. Juliet High School.

“I need to help my students understand that split second decisions change lives and that they need to think before they drink,” teacher Cher Karlisle explained.

Sgt. Tyler Chandler told News 2 police have been taking part in the mock crash for five years and believes it makes an impact. 

“We want to give an impact on the students and impress them on the dangers of teen drinking, drinking while driving, drinking while impaired. It’s students teaching students and sending that message to students and we hope it does make a difference,” he explained. 

In 2013, there were nearly 2,700 traffic crashes in Wilson County. Of those accidents, 158 were alcohol-related.

In addition, 19 people lost their lives on Wilson County roadways.

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