Glencliff student begins ‘Little Libraries’ to encourage reading

Glencliff student begins 'Little Libraries' to encourage reading (Image 1)

A senior at Glencliff High School is hoping to encourage children to read by starting  “Little Libraries.”

Student Mena Sargios told News 2 the idea is to make it easier for people, especially children, to access reading materials by putting small libraries in neighborhoods.

The “Little Libraries,” which will be posted near Glencliff High School along Antioch Pike, are colorful storage bins that house dozens of books.

“[The idea is to] distribute books to the kids on their way walking home. Read it and when they are done with it, [they] put it back,” he explained.

Sargios said the idea of the “Little Library” works on an honor system.

“There are worse things in the world other than to steal a book.  If you’re going to steal the book and he’s going to read it, he’s going to benefit more,” Sargios said.

Despite the high tech world we now live in, Sargios said he still believes books have a place in learning.

“If I have a physical book and still have an i-Pad beside me, I’ll be more focused on the book,” he told News 2.

The “Little Libraries” will be stocked by a friend of Glencliff High School teacher Adam Guidry, who runs an organization called “Books to Kids.” The organization recently delivered books to the New Orleans area.

Sargios said he plans to stock more than a dozen “Little Libraries.” 

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