Court date set for house cleaner accused of stealing vintage purses

Court date set for house cleaner accused of stealing vintage purses (Image 1)

A court date has been set for a Hendersonville woman accused of stealing designer shoes, handbags and jewelry worth tens of thousands of dollars from a Brentwood home.

Kendall Thudin, 26, was indicted by a Williamson County Grand Jury in March.  

She is charged with theft over $10,000. Thudin was first arrested last November and will appear before a judge on June 30.

According to investigators, Thudin took approximately 20 high-end handbags, a dozen pairs of designer shoes and two expensive watches from the Governors Club home she cleaned.

The victim, Pat Turner, told News 2 Thudin had worked in her home for several months before she noticed the missing items.

Turner found many of the purses for sale online but says she never got any of them back because they had already been sold.

The Brentwood Police Department did recover a Rolex watch that belonged to the victim at a jewelry repair shop.

Turner told News 2 she has since taken extra measures to secure her home.

She added a lock to the room where she keeps her designer purse and shoe collection.

“The whole feeling of being violated plus many of my things were vintage and can’t be replaced. They had special meaning,” said Turner. “It’s very difficult to allow people in our home when my husband and I are not here. We haven’t done that since this all transpired.”

Turner hopes eventually some of the stolen items can be recovered. Many of them were vintage Chanel handbags that cannot be replaced.

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