Colorado 4th graders caught selling weed on school playground

Woman arrested after detectives find 230 marijuana plants on property (Image 1)

Two fourth grade students at a Colorado elementary school were caught selling marijuana Monday.

ABC News reports a 10-year-old student brought a small amount of weed to Monfort Elementary School in Greeley, Colorado and sold it to others on the playground.

“He sold it to three other fourth graders on the school playground, which resulted in a profit to the young man of $11,” said John Gates, director of safety and security for the school’s district.

The following day, one of the boys who purchased some marijuana reportedly brought a marijuana edible to give to the 10-year-old who sold it.

The boy took a bite of the edible, Gates said, but did not suffer any effects.

Gates added that both boys apparently got the weed from relatives.

“Both of these kids took the marijuana without the consent of their grandparents,” he said.

All four of the students involved in buying or selling marijuana will be suspended for a “significant” number of days, but Gates declined to say exactly how long the punishment will last.

The incident will not be handled as a criminal matter.

Officials hope to send a good message without ruining anyone’s life, Gates stated.

He added that the message they’d like to send to parents is, “For crying out loud, secure it.”

Adults 21 and older have been able to buy recreational marijuana legally in Colorado since January 1.

*ABC News and the Associated Press contributed to this report.

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