Boyfriend of Johnny Cash’s murdered great niece testifies in court

Boyfriend of Johnny Cash's murdered great niece testifies in court (Image 1)

The man accused of killing Johnny Cash’s great niece last month appeared in court Wednesday for a preliminary hearing and the victim’s boyfriend spoke out for the first time.

Courtney Cash, 23, was found stabbed to death March 19 inside a wooden box at her home in Baxter, Tennessee, about 100 miles east of Nashville.

Wayne Masciarella, a friend of Cash’s, has since been charged with her death.

Police previously said the two and Cash’s boyfriend, Austin Johnson, got into an argument after a night out.

Johnson testified Masciarella injected him and Cash with something because he believed they had poisoned him.

An emotional Johnson also said he performed CPR on Cash as her condition deteriorated.

Johnson sustained a stab wound to the head and lung.

“I slid her down in the floor and I started giving her CPR and she was looking at me and I was giving her CPR and blood was squirting out of my lung,” Johnson recalled.

He continued, “I was so desperate to bring her back to life and on the couch. The last thing, she looked at me and said, ‘I love you,’ and I said ‘I love you, too,’ and she said, ‘I’m sorry,’ and I said, ‘It’s okay, baby. It’s okay.’”

Johnson was able to escape the home with the couple’s young daughter despite his injuries.

Masciarella, 27, did not take the stand during Wednesday’s court appearance and his case has been bound over to a grand jury.

He’s being held in the Putnam County jail without bond and is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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