2 Metro animal control officers on leave after dog fighting raid

2 Metro animal control officers on leave after dog fighting raid (Image 1)

Two Metro Animal Care and Control officers are on leave following a raid earlier this week of an alleged dog fighting operation in north Nashville.

In a news briefing Thursday, Metro Public Health Department spokesperson Brian Todd identified the officers as Billy Biggs and JD White. He said the men are paid administrative leave but are not under investigation at this time.

Thirty-eight dogs were removed from two homes on Pewitt Road Tuesday morning. One of the dogs has since died.

Many of the animals, mostly pit bulls, had scaring and open wounds. Evidence of dog fighting was also found on the properties, including treadmills and syringes likely used to give the dogs injections.

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene

The health department Thursday officially opened an investigation into Metro Animal Care and Control following allegations that complaints regarding possible neglect and dog fighting at the Pewitt Road homes were not properly documented.

“As a result of that, we have launched a full investigation into all documentation as it relates to dog fighting and complaints about dog fighting,” Todd said.

Metro’s investigation will include animal control’s response to animal fighting complaints over the last few years.

The dogs rescued Tuesday remain in the care of Metro Animal Care and Control and are being kept at two locations; the county’s facility and an off-site location.

A dog died within the last couple of days at the off-site location. Officials said it was unsupervised at the time when two dogs managed to get out of their enclosures.

“There were three other dogs that we found that had minor injuries that were still in their kennels,” said Todd.

As a result, the facility will now be staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Visit the Metro Public Health Department’s Web site for ways to help the animals or click here for a list of frequently asked questions.

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