Pennsylvania woman accused of selling heroin while in ICU

Pennsylvania woman accused of selling heroin while in ICU (Image 1)

A Pennsylvania woman was expected to be charged Wednesday after police said she allegedly dealt heroine from her hospital bed in the intensive care unit.

According to ABC News, the 38-year-old woman, whose name has yet to be released, is suspected of selling around $1,400 of the illegal drug from Exela Westmoreland Hospital in Greensburg, Penn.

Police were alerted after hospital staff became suspicious of an unusual amount of visitors coming and going from her room in the ICU. Police added some of the woman’s visitors did not even know her name.

“She will be charged with possession with intent to deliver, delivery of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance and probably a paraphernalia charge as well,” Greensburg Police Chief Captain Chad Zucco told ABC News.

Authorities set up surveillance on the room and used a confidential informant to buy 30 bags of heroin.

More than 350 bags, syringes and around $1,400 in cash were discovered during a search of the woman’s hospital room.

Police said the woman had the illegal drugs stashed in her purse and in drawers inside her room.   

“I’ve not seen anything thing like this before, dealing heroin set up out of a hospital bed,” Zucco said.

Authorities said it remains unclear how the woman, who was admitted to the hospital on April 14 for an unknown reason, smuggled the heroin into the hospital.

The alleged drug deals occurred between April 14 and 18.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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