Georgia deputy bit by K9 while trying to take selfie

Man shot 3 times in Hermitage (Image 1)

A sheriff’s deputy in Georgia is recovering after a police dog bit him in the face while he was trying taking a selfie with the dog.

According to the Dalton Daily Citizen, Brett Morrison, a deputy in Murray County of northern Georgia, wanted his picture with the canine, so he knelt down with his phone in one hand and wrapped the other around the dog.

That’s where things went wrong.

According to Major Greg Fowler, putting your arm around a drug dog is seen as an act of aggression.

“The canine just responded by what was presented to him based on his training,” Fowler said.

The dog bit the lower part of Morrison’s face, ripping it badly enough to require several stitches during an emergency surgery.

It happened so fast that the dog’s handler couldn’t respond in time to stop the attack. The dog, however, backed off shortly after his handler issued the command.

No one has been disciplined, and Fowler told the Daily Citizen that officials are waiting to talk to Morrison, who has been recovering.

“We’re praying for the deputy and everything to be fine with him,” he said. “He’s recuperating well, and we’re sorry for the incident. You train [your animals] to do certain things, and you don’t deviate from the training.”

*The Dalton Daily Citizen contributed to this report.

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