Candidate’s campaign signs stolen in Hendersonville

Candidate's campaign signs stolen in Hendersonville (Image 1)

Hendersonville police are investigating the vandalism and theft of five campaign signs.

Authorities said the signs were all cut and removed from the sign posts on Sanders Ferry and Walton Ferry roads as well as Harbor Drive early Saturday morning.

Signs in nearly a dozen other locations were vandalized across the county’s jurisdiction, including at least five in Hendersonville and six more in the rest of Sumner County.

All of the damaged signs belonged to the same candidate, Louis W. Oliver III, who is running for Sumner County Chancellor.

News 2 caught up with Oliver Monday evening as he was replacing signs.  He said he is not sure who is targeting them, but hopes they’ll stop.

A resident whose sign was vandalized took the offense personally.

“Very, very intrusive and threatening,” said Cindy Johnson, “almost like a sign of ‘I’m going to intimidate you.'”

By Monday afternoon, Johnson had replaced the vandalized sign with a new one.

“They won’t take them down from here again because now we’re watching,” Johnson warned.

Anyone with information is urged to call Hendersonville police or Crime Stoppers at 615-573-5400.

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