Knoxville woman finds body under deck during Easter egg hunt

3-year-old girl beaten to death in NYC, police say (Image 1)

A woman from west Knoxville found a body under her deck while hunting for Easter eggs with her son Wednesday.

The Knoxville News Sentinel reports Tara Hanouskova smelled an odor that progressively got worse over the past week, but could never pinpoint the source.

On Wednesday, however, while hunting for Easter eggs with her three-year-old, she noticed something with a pair of feet clad in tennis shoes in the crawl space under her deck.

She explained that the odor wasn’t consistent nor strong; she only smelled it off and on until it got so bad she decided to peer under her deck to check it out.

“I really don’t even know how he got there,” Hanouskova said.

Authorities have yet to identify the man, whose fully clothed remains had been under the Hanouskova’s deck for at least two weeks.

An autopsy revealed Thursday that no foul play is suspected.  Authorities believe he suffered a medical condition that resulted in his death.

The man is middle-aged and about five feet, four inches tall. He weighs around 170 pounds and has brown short hair and brown eyes.

Police said he had no scars or tattoos, but did have extensive dental work.

A check against missing persons and crime reports left detectives empty-handed.

After finding the body, Hanouskova managed to get her special-needs son back inside before he saw anything.

She said 911 dispatchers even passed along the message to be sensitive to the situation because of her son’s situation; police cruisers and fire trucks reportedly responded to their home without the use of sirens and flashing lights.

“They were very respectful; they tread lightly,” Hanouskova said. “My son has no idea what happened.”

She added that the situation was surreal having happened in her quiet neighborhood.

The investigation is ongoing.

*The Knoxville News Sentinel contributed to this report.

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