Colorado woman dying of cancer works to find dog new home

Colorado woman dying of cancer works to find dog new home (Image 1)

A Colorado woman who is in the final stages of breast cancer is working to find a loving home for her five-year-old dog before she passes away.

According to The Coloradoan, Patricia Cudd adopted her pit bull-mix, Sherlock from a local humane society in 2010.

“I love him so much,” she told the newspaper. “I want him to have the best, you know?”

Two years after adopting Sherlock, Cudd, 62, learned she had metastatic breast cancer.

Cudd said after intensive chemotherapy treatments, she would often curl up beside her beloved Sherlock until she began to feel better.

As the cancer continues to take a toll on Cudd's body she said she desperately wants to have a home lined up for Sherlock as she fears it could be difficult due to his breed.  

“I am passing away. I don't know when exactly,” she said. “Of course, everyone is passing away, but the cancer you know, Stage IV is the ultimate stage, and he needs a home.”

Cudd said Sherlock is territorial and protective, but also very loving and playful. She added she hopes to place him in a home without other pets.

“I have to place him somewhere. It breaks my heart, but if he could go to a good home, you know, it would help me so much. It would give me peace,” she said.

Cudd said she believes Sherlock would bring another family just as much happiness as he has her during their time together.

*The Coloradoan contributed to this report.

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